January 4, 2010

All tech

Category: Academic,Digital Media,IP Law,Phreaking,Piracy,Politics — Biella @ 5:32 am

Fall semester I did not teach any classes that covered digital media (in part because I was swimming in the stuff writing a review essay on the topic, which I am sending today to the journal, ending about 4 months of hell).

On the other hand, spring semester will be all about digital media: hackers, free software, privacy, piracy, phone phreaking and more. I am excited. Here is my graduate syllabus on the commons and piracy and here is my undergraduate class on hacking. Both are still under development but pretty far along.


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  2. Biella: thank you so much for publishing that: I’m writing 20,000 word assignments for a post-graduate diploma on FOSS this year, and I’m following your work avidly – to get this kind of reading list is a dream! I’d love to take your course, but I’m in New Zealand…

    I’ve published the beginning of a bibliography as a Zotero group (my username is wonderpup) – I’d be stoked if you had a lookj and could make any suggestions.

    BTW: my topic is looking at Zotero evangelists from an anthropological perspective: looking at FOSS advocates rather than hackers themselves.

    Thanks again!

    Comment by Anton Angelo — January 6, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

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