August 25, 2003

Eternal Return

Category: Personal — Biella @ 6:34 pm

I have not spent this long in Puerto Rico since I was 19 years old. In a lot of ways and despite the muggy heat that leaves a constant thin film on all surfaces, it is a strange treat. I get to spend a lot of time with my mom which can be difficult at times because of her condition but it is something I really value. I may not have the luxury of finances but at least I have the gift of time to be and see and experiences those things that so used to be part of my life. Time is a strange thing of course. I not only came back home but I connected with people and activities from my past in such a way that I feel have made a small but full circle of time, a eternal return to those people and things that I value.

I have been able to travel a fair amount around the island, going to places like the Arecibo Observatory, Casa Pueblo, and one of my all time favorite spots, Culebra. It was interesting to move around the island with such ease, knowing where and how to get around despite relative absence. When asked whether I knew how to get somewhere, I would answer “I think so” not really knowing where to go but instinct always showed me the way. Place embeds.

One of the tastiest treats was spending a fair amount of time in the water, swimming, snorkeling, and this weekend, I even got to dive which I have not done in 9 years! I was downright petrified before going, even having nightmares the night before about the dive operators who were taking us out to Desecheo island off the west coast of the island. Yet once I splashed into the cool, clear waters, I went back to the time when I used to dive a ton loving pretty much every minute with the gliding and floating creatues of the sea world. The visibility was excellent and we saw some pretty cool wildlife like turtles, sharks, sting rays, and baracudas although I think my heart when to the hills and valleys of colorful and alive reef that decorate the white sandy bottoms.

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