June 24, 2003

the non-pleasures of driving

Category: Personal — Biella @ 7:05 pm

I have not had a car in a long while and now I am back driving in one of my least favorite places to drive–> PR. I love it here, I hate driving here. Not only do drivers not let you change lanes, they speed up when you switch lanes while drivers stop about 10 feet after the stop sign or intersection to see if you will stop first so that they sneak ahead of you. I feel like these driving patterns are like a mini-windows into a colonial mindset in which people are trying to see what they can get away because they are already in a lousy situation. No one really let’s anyone go, so you have to fight your way through so you find yourself in a catch 22. If you wait till someone lets you go you might be waiting forever, so your lurch forward. Given the tapones (jams) and given the tons of street construction right now, you really might be waiting for a very long time… Wonder if driving patterns would change with if the status changed to independence or statehood?? :-)

And then what about the potholes here? Is it lousy engineering or the rain? Whatever the case, your car is in constant danger of getting busted, nice tax dollars at work.

Bitter? No, I mean, 5 hours in a car today just gives one time to think of these things…

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