June 13, 2003


Category: Uncategorized — Biella @ 10:39 pm

I am nearly done packing. Really. The bike, the books, files, odds and ends. Even my bags to PR are almost packed. I still have 1/2 of my stuff to move to my friend’s basement but otherwise I am nearly done. I mean sure there is lots of stuff left to do: find a hub, get my free 45 day earthlink account activated (it is mysteriously not working), ship a couple of boxes, email and email, write my reflections on SF, see friends and of course karaoke tomorrow night. If you are in town, please come at 8:00 to Ocean beach. I promise it will RawK. Bonfires are fun, karaoke bonfires are HOT.

But now I am tired, so tired lying on my bed (loving wireless), my brain nagging me to get offline till I am better equipped to deal with with typing, computers, blogs and all…

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