April 28, 2003

It is Warm, Spring, and NY!

Category: Personal — Biella @ 9:17 pm

I am back in the place where I first lived in the US after moving away from Puerto Rico–> NYC. A wonderful time of year to be here (it actually smells wonderful!), I am here for my friend Lisa’s wedding and just to kick back and see some friends. Today Micah and I met up with Mako to hang and so we could work some in person on a paper that we have been working on via IRC in the last couple of weeks. We also met up with his friend Greg who is one of the few techie and lawyer type folks. He has written a paper on the legal history of UNIX which I am incredibly excited to read. We ate some really delicious and “out of this world” food at galaxy. Grasshopper, eel, bubbly cous cous, lemon chutney, crazy bok choy, and the divine plantain. The gluten-free options were everywhere! My type of place.

It probably sounds like I am beating a dead horse saying this but it is so nice seeing IRC friends in person. Even though I have not seen Mako in like 8 months, the pretty constant online interaction made it seem like we saw each other… yesterday. Perhaps it is because we did. And it is I and the collective “we” that has to really let go of seeing IRC as this sort of non-place.

I better get back to the paper and then to sleep. Those red eyes flights are nice on the wallet, killer on the body.

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