March 24, 2003

Coconut Kefir to Rule your Stomach

Category: Health — Biella @ 1:22 am

Flora is good. Bacteria can be good (or bad). Friendly stomach bacteria (also known as your flora) is really really great. I am a bit obsessed with getting high quality flora in my tummy but since I don’t do dairy and soy yogurt is too high in sugar for me, I rely on pills.

But recently, I found out that one could culture coconut water making a pretty damn fine coconut kefir. I have spent the last two weeks getting the process down for making it homemade and I think tonight, I can declare my coconut kefiring ways a *success*. It has been an arduous, sometimes bumpy process for sure: Where to get the kefir starter, finding the best means to open the coconuts (drills are magic tools), and then there was the pesky problem of finding the “right” supplier of the brown spheres of joy. Most places around the mission sold them and sold them cheap but a good one in three were rotten. And one rotten nut will spoil the bunch.

But Rainbow grocery seems to sell a steady supply of high quality not-rotten coconuts so I am sticking to them. Today, I drilled a bunch of them, poured the water, added the bacteria, and vuallaaa tomorrow I hope to have some good tasting fluid to deliver my high quality flora. Flora which really is fauna! Here is the recipe if you would like to try at home.

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  1. you can use young green coconuts to make kefir. i think they are easier to get into and also better for you.


    Comment by vicki — June 26, 2007 @ 11:08 am

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