February 2, 2003

Movies, movies, and more!

Category: Personal — Biella @ 11:42 pm

I watched many movies this last week, I believe a total of five, all of which were quite distinct: Bowling for Columbine (for a second time), the Business Software Alliance “pirating is for losers (and illegal) educational movie, American mullet about the rare but never obscure haircut, a documentary on the Kali Mai churches of Guyana, and a very heavy and long Soviet made production of Cuba before and during the revolution, I am Cuba. It was a bit painful to sit through the 140 minutes of “I am Cuba” after so many movies mostly because it was long, all in black and white (which bothers my eyes) and was so unsubtle, that it was like they had huge banners of “THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON” waving about for every scene. Nonetheless, an interesting movie that you must be in the mood for (by the way, does anyone know of a good Soviety movie?). I also played galaga my favorite childhood video game and I discovered that I still have a knack for it. All those hours may be in my past but part of them still remain with me……

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