January 28, 2003

Are you cool enough for Apple?

Category: Humor — Biella @ 7:50 pm

So, this is one of the funniest pieces of flash I have recently seen and it is especially great for all you Linux/Apple lovers out there. What I like about the parodic play (and do see the Mac Ad first) is that it essentially captures everything about Apple that I personally can’t stand. I mean, yes, I love their computers, I can’t but help drool when I see a titanium wanting to nab it from my friend when they least suspect it and I think that they have perfected the “touch” of keyboards but their own marketing/image department makes me want to… barf.

So, what drives me crazy about Apple is that they have created this image of themselves as this company that is really “deep dish cool” to the core, so much so that taking a bite of the Apple will make you, him, and her be way cool too, and also free and fun and hip.

And yes, many of their products are great but their such strong, explicit forms of advertising makes it almost too obvious how marketing in our society functions to psychologically remake selves, selves that are happy, cool, content, fulfilled, and in the case of Apple, free!!!! and really, really, really cool!!!! Yes, it is what all advertising does but I think they try just too hard and look like fools in the process.

They also use advertising to try to paint themselves as a different type of company than the likes of M$ but they fight, and fight just as hard to protect their IP. In some ways, I sometimes feel like ok, at least M$ ain’t trying to hide behind some weird veneer of coolness which is what Apple likes to do. But anyway, the flash piece drives home the point I just tried to make so check it out!

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