November 2, 2004


Category: Other — Biella @ 7:43 pm

Today while I was at the gym, sitting in the sauna, enjoying full on the intense artificial heat, a pack of young teenage girls entered chatting with unbridled excitment that is typical of 15 year old, middle class American girls. I think they were a little freaked out by my nudity as I heard them whispering outside of the sauna before entering about whether they should enter because of…. Ya, well, they got over thier uncomfortable reaction to the human physique and then revealed other peculiar life situtations that “freaked” them out. So of course being it was Tuesday, they talked about their busy weekend plans that lay ahead of them such as the “Packers/Bears” game coming up.

One of them mentioned she was going to go shopping and everyone reacted “oh cool” and one girl asked “are you going alone?” and without any hesitation the other girl gasped with an “oh no way, shopping alone is freaky. I did it once and it freaked me out.” And the other 2 girls nodded in total agreement.. They could identify with such freakitude.

This freaky posture I have to say I found fascinating. Already a creatue of great freakiness to them (by myself and with no clothes), I did not feel like freaking them out more by asking them why they thought it was so freaky to shop alone but I have to admit that at that moment, that is all I wanted to know. Why did it feel freaky for them to shop alone? Was it lonely? Did it feel wrong? Was it just less fun? Was it simply because they felt like they look like a loser? Anyway, I knew that in a few years, they would get over their revulsion to naked bodies and like many American women, feel completely at east shopping whether alone, online, with a group, with thier kids, or in their sleep…