June 6, 2009

Commemorating Alice Ramsey!!

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Alice’s Drive from Bengt Anderson on Vimeo.

My partner Micah is pretty good with his hands, well, so long as they are attached to a computer. Otherwise, he is a bit lost. His father, however, is a master craftsman, rebuilding old cars, making his own houses, you know, the sort of stuff that really puts me in awe.

Thanks to his efforts, his family, notably his sister Emily Anderson, are about to kick off and commemorate Alice Ramsey who in 1909, did the unconventional, which is somewhat an understatement, and drove across the United States in what then was called a horseless carriage. Apparently, she loved to race cars and took that love to trek across what were really gnarly roads and earned the distinction as the first woman to do so.

Using the same model (Maxwell Model DA) that Alice drove, one that Emily’s Dad, Richard, restored (and it is the very last one in existence!), she will be starting off the drive in just a few days.

The whole family is pretty involved, so Bengt Anderson is making a film (short clip featured above), Micah has helped with the website side of things, and the ‘rents will be in the trailer (especially since Emily just had a baby).

Anyhow, more to write about cars and this trip but thought some folks might be interested in following her across the US. I am super bummed I am not in NYC to watch her go, but I will be watching with a lot of excitement from the Internets!


  1. This is crazy cool. When they make their trek into Chicago I will definitely go and check them out. Looks like they have a planned stop in Rochelle which is a bit of drive, but might have to check that out. Good luck to the gals on the trip!

    Comment by nixternal — June 6, 2009 @ 11:28 am

  2. sounds like the bee’s knees. will try to be there and pass along the info via internets. Assuming the car’s engine get less than today’s cars, 3.600 mi * 1 gal/10 mi * 3 $/ gal = ~ $1.500 for gas.

    Comment by Kevin Mark — June 6, 2009 @ 2:58 pm

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